San Diego 10th Annual Bike the Bay in Coronado on August 27, 2017

San Diego 10th Annual Bike the Bay in Coronado on August 27, 2017

Bike Across the Coronado Bridge

Heading out to your first event ride on your own can be a bit intimidating. Thoughts like what to do if you get a flat or have a mechanical issue during the ride can be daunting. Also, for those who have already logged a few miles under their belts, $70 for a 25 mile organized ride can seem steep! But the Coronado Bridge is one of  San Diego's most famous landmarks after all.

I fell in the latter category when I first did this ride 3 years ago. So why did I do it? Like any good older brother would do, I did it to accompany my sister who I had just gotten hooked on cycling. Aside from spending time with my sister, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this ride.   My bib number collection certainly was not going to become any more impressive from this ride. Consequently, in terms of challenge, my expectations for this ride were low. 

The Ride

A mile into the ride, as we climbed the graded onramp to the bridge, a big Hawaiian looking dude brushed past me as he greeted me with a hearty, “Aloha!” This immediately registered in my mind as a challenge. My brotherly duties to accompany my sister up the bridge were immediately closed for business. With a few out of the saddle rotations I was on the wheel of my new challenger. I was ready to pass him at any moment. Except that it never happened. For the next 23 miles I basically rode his wheel. I did everything I could just to keep up. I completely underestimated his riding ability (while overestimating my own) but in return ended up making a new friend. (We’ve done three organized rides together since then, including one century). This, all because of Bike the Bay. By the way, this ride event is not a race. In hindsight it must have seemed amusing that I was riding it like one!

Riding Tips

If this ride seems too easy for you, consider this a great opportunity to introduce someone to cycling or to get connected with the larger riding community or to simply enjoy riding for the sake of riding. You never know what new friendships are waiting to be formed! Challenge Tip: Do this ride with a fixie or cruiser bike to increase the challenge level (and turn some heads while you are at it). My wife did - but that’s a story for another post. Riding Tip: The Strand is a beautiful 5 mile stretch of road and pathway surrounded by water on both sides. Try to stay in a group or behind other riders to reduce the amount of headwinds and conserve energy on this segment of the ride.

Have a great memory or pleasant surprise from a ride? Would love to hear about it via the comments below!

San Diego Annual Bike the Bay

Where: Starts and ends at the Embarcadero.
When: August 27, 2017
Cost:$70 per individual (or $65 for San Diego Bicycle Club members)
Difficult Level: Beginner
Distances: 25 miles
Epic-ness: Average (Riding across the Coronado Bridge can still be pretty memorable though).

Looking for something more epic? Don't miss the Whistler Gran Fondo happening next month on September 9, 2017.

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