Get Your Cycling Weekend Started Off Right With These 3 Favorite Vids

There are some mornings where I need that extra boost to get going on the bike. On the mornings were I need that extra push, these are the three videos that I hit rewind on. (WARNING: Definitely do NOT try these at home. What you are about to see in these videos were performed by professionals):

#3 Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Party

The first time I saw this video it blew my mind. It completely changed the way I thought about cycling and what is possible on a bike. Ashton is still doing amazing things on wheels.

#2 Danny Macaskill’s The Ridge

I’ve rewatched this one the most. The views and cinematography are amazing. In some of the scenes I cannot imagine hiking or climbing let alone having my bike. You know how pictures and videos never quire capture how steep a grade or incline really is? Well, try to imagine how intense these shots are if you can actually can see how steep the terrain is. Pretty epic.

#1 Brandon Semenuk’s One Shot unReal Segmen t

This guy is a legend. He makes it look effortless. I love the soundtrack in this video and choreographed with this single downhill run makes me want to get out and ride every time. It doesn’t get any flow-ier than this. Oh yeah, and it was all shot in a single take. How cool is that?

Leave a comment below and let us know which one of these three vids is your favorite - 1, 2, or 3.

Have a great riding weekend!


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