The Most Essential Non-Essential Piece of Cycling Kit I Own

This one gets left off the list of “Biking Things to Always Carry With You.” It hardly gets mentioned and is overshadowed by helmets and gloves. But it’s always there. And on those cold, damp mornings when you’ve forgotten them, you sure feel sorry for a few moments until your body starts to warm up. We debate in our minds about this one. Should I bring them or not? Should I leave them in the car? OK, maybe I’ll just bring them. I mean, you don’t do through this internal dialog about any other piece of kit do you?

I am talking about my arm warmers, or sun sleeves as they are commonly referred to. Mine frequently get misplaced or mixed up with my socks and are a general pain to find if you’ve lost track of them in the wash. But I always try to keep them with me nonetheless. Why? Because it beats having to carry a vest or wind breaker. And they are super easy to remove while riding and they store well in your jersey pockets. Post ride, I’ll slip these back on just to feel warm as I start to cool off. But on those damp, cold, foggy winter mornings, nothing beats having a pair of these on to keep you warm.

What’s the favorite piece of cycling kit that you own? Comment below!

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