Exactly Where I Want to Be

6 am On Any Given Saturday

I peek in on the kids who are still asleep in their rooms. Arms and legs pointed in every direction sound asleep. Dawn ’s glow is peeking through the curtains like a halo around the curtains in the room. I ease the door gently shut and head downstairs. Milo is downstairs stirring. I let him out back.

Morning Prep

Heading into the garage, I unlock the bike from the wall post, I take it down and do a quick check of all the essentials. Bottles, trail bars, comp, helmet, gloves, shoes, and flat kit. Check. Using the floor pump to just over 100psi – two quick micro bursts of air puff out as I pull the pump head off the valves. The neighborhood barely stirs as I open the creaky garage doors – I swear I’ve got the loudest one on the block. Morning mist covers the neighborhood and mountains in the distance as the click click click of the hubs signal a new day and a new ride. The cycling computer starts up with a push of the button with a beep beep. Position acquired.

Rolling Out

A mile in and I’m on the bike path that leads me all the way to the ocean. I’ll be there in just under an hour. I can see it in the distance. Soon, the shore line is to my left as I head north. There’s a slight head wind. The sun rises to my right in the horizon, peeking over the horizon and morning marine layer. It’s still early. It’s just me, the bike, the coastal road before me and the miles of water and beach to my left.

It’s Saturday morning. And there is no other place I’d rather be.

Enjoy the ride.

Where’s your favorite place or time of day to ride? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. The Highland Valley Road loop is pretty dreamy. Awesome climbs to start and an unbelievably fast descent into Poway at the end!

    What size tires are you using on your bike? Guessing you can probably drop your PSI down to 85/90 and get a little more comfort and speed!

    Keep up the posts-this is fantastic stuff!

    1. Thanks Yee!

      Also, thanks for the pointers. I’ll have to give it another go since I have yet to clean the triple climb at Highland… Whoa! I didn’t think you could run pressure that low.. Finally switched over to 25s earlier this year.. Will give it a try and let you know how it goes.

      Ride on!

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