Stuck In Traffic? Bike to Work.

Commuting takes many different forms for us. For some, it’s bumper to bumper traffic in our cars. For others, it’s waiting at the bus stop. Others commute daily on subways and trains. Some people walk. And some get to ride.

We do lots of different things to pass the time. We listen to a podcast, turn on NPR and listen to news. For those that do not need to drive, we’ll read the paper, a good book, or get work done. We’re on our devices.

And then there are the days where something unexpected happens and the monotony of the daily commute is broken. Days where we are inconvenienced because of an accident. Or an elevator. Or some other unexpected thing. For a group of a few dozen people two years ago, it was being stuck on a subway for two hours. Specifically, the E Train in New York.

Here is what happened during the two hour ordeal as recorded by my good friend Greg (WARNING: The following footage contains profanity and potentially offensive language):

I love how everyone comes together and bonds in this video. The same things happens when people are cycling together and commuting to work. You make more connections with others. Whether it’s a simple head nod, or a wave, or sharing a few miles together. Riding bikes brings people to together and reminds us of our humanity and our need to connect.

Have fun. Make friends…

Without the two hour wait.

Bike to work.

7 Essential Items for the Daily Commuter Ride to Work

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