Whistler Gran Fondo

Arrival in Vancouver for the Whistler Gran Fondo This Week

This week we are off to the Whistler Gran Fondo which starts in Vancouver.  There are so many great things to look forward to for this ride. Plus, the kits for this year's event look amazing. There is a certain buzz and excitement around a cycling trip or cycling tour. For those lucky enough to join the 6000 or so riders that will be heading out toward Vancouver for the Whistler Gran Fondo - safe travels and have fun!!

For the rest of us, the closest we'll get to this event is reliving my adventure from over a year ago. Over the course of the week, I will cover a different destination on the trip and highlight things to do and see around Vancouver and Whistler. It is truly an amazing travel and cycling destination.  For those that are considering whether or not to participate, perhaps for next year, you totally should! 

Places to See and Things To Do in Vancouver and Surrounding Area

Day 1 -  Arrival in Vancouver

Day 2 - Victoria Island and Surrounding Places to Visit in Vancouver

Day 3 - Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Day 4 - Registration Day for the Whistler Gran Fondo

Day 5- Whistler Gran Fondo - Photo Jounral

Day 1 - Getting There With Your Bike - Arrival in Vancouver

The Thule Round Trip Hard Shell Bike Case is cool. But it is also very large and has a significant footprint. While it fits fine in an SUV, it does not fit well in a large sedan. Upon arrival, my buddy Ivan was at the airport to greet me. We set about fitting the bike into the car.  We had to remove the bulky cover off of the case in order to barely get the bottom half, with the bike into the second row of the car. The luggage and lid went into the trunk.

With the bike case situation settled, we set off  for Dim Sum in downtown Richmond then to check out a few sights downtown:

Vancouver Airport

Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver Ferry Terminal

Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

Places to Eat

Sing Yee Chinese Restaurant. If you are in the mood for Chinese, this place will take you to another place and highlight the diversity that is in this city. Sing Yee Chinese Restaurant.

Campagnolo. For something trendier, check out Campagnolo in the heart of downtown. The name of the restaurant plays nicely with the whole cycling trip theme - though there is probably no connection to cycling. This is a great place for groups though you probably want to go easy on the beers if it's the evening before the ride! Campagnolo.

If you happen to be in the Richmond area, Takeya Sushi is a great place to grab lunch. Who doesn't like sushi? This place offers something for everyone. Takeya Sushi.

Additional Resources

Vancouver Tourist Map

Vancouver Metro Map

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