Whistler Bike Park and the Ketel One Ice Room

Today we are going to check out pics from the Whistler Bike Park and Ketel One Ice Room. These pictures to do not begin to show how epic the Whistler Bike Park is. The beauty of this mountain and its numerous trails and downhill runs coupled with tons of features is like nowhere else.

Whistler Bike ParkWhistler Bike ParkWhistler Bike Park


This is also home to the Crankworx event with some famous slopestyle and downhill features:

Whistler Bike ParkWhistler Bike Park


As epic as the riding was, we had to pull away to get a canoe ride in on a kayaking tour which was fun for the whole family!

Whistler kayak tour.


Prior to dinner at the Bearfoot Bistro, we had some unique entertainment… The owners gave us a sabering demonstration. I had no idea what sabering was and now that I’ve seen it, I’m still not quite sure what it’s all about. Something to do with opening bottles with sabers?

Bearfoor Grill

After dinner at Bearfoot Bistro, check out the Ketel One Ice Room. Even if you are lightweight like me, the experience of going into the ice room was pretty memorable.

Ketel One Ice Room

Ketel One Ice RoomKetel One Ice Room

Additional Resources

Where to Rent Bikes in Whistler

There are numerous places to rent. You’ll want to rent bikes from different shops depending on the type of riding you plan to be doing. The bike shop and rental store at Salomon at the Pan Pacific Moutainside Hotel rents bikes for casual trail riding. Numerous bike rentals in Whistler Village cater to those who are looking to do some more serious downhill. Those shops have downhill bikes and bikes with more aggressive geometries available.

Whistler Village Sports. This place is also well stocked on gear in case you forgot to pack something for the ride. I picked up gloves and shorts for my son who wanted to join me on the trails.

Salomon Store and Bike Rentals. This is where the fam and I rented our trail bikes from. Note that, in general, the rate for regular trail bikes are usually less than the rate for downhill bikes.

Canoe and Kayaking Tours in Whistler

We toured and rented from Backroads but here’s a list of additional rental and tour companies for kayaking: Kayak Tours.

Where to Eat in Whistler

Bearfoot Bistro

4121 Village Green
Whistler, BC, Canada
V0N 1B4
(Adjacent to the Listel Hotel Whistler)

Ketel One Ice Room

Tomorrow: Whistler Gran Fondo Ride Registration Day.

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