6 Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas for Families with Kids (and My Favorite Place for Cycling When Visiting Las Vegas)

Let’s face it, the last thing you think about doing when heading off to Vegas is where to ride your bike. Instead, we are bombarded with way too many options for hotels, buffets, Las Vegas shows to see, and things to do.

How’s a bike, as amazing of an invention that it is, supposed to compete with the sheer volume of things to do in Las Vegas consisting of armies of blue men, dancing troupes, mountains of food and desserts, and miles of endless flashing lights and glowing screens enveloped in the soundnof falling coins on metal trays?

In this post, I will address this very issue by sharing where I go to get those riding miles for the time that you are in Vegas. But what good is it to find an amazing new place to ride if you haven’t spent any time with the fam? No worries, I will cover the best places to visit for families and also things to do in Las Vegas for kids so that you get the ride in without ending up in the dog house!
But first thing’s first, let’s check into the accommodations for this week…

MGM Grand

I’m staying at the MGM Grand this week all week long. While I don’t plan to spend a lot of time at the MGM Casino, I do want to check out the pool and to make my way over the buffet now that I am all checked in to Grand King Room (pretty nice and quite spacious I would say).

After getting settled and changed, I immediately make my way over to lounge by the pool to unwind.

Speaking of pools, here were our favorite spots to get wet and spend the hottest parts of the day…

3 Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas for Kids

There simply is no shortage of things to do and see during the time in Vegas. Ultimately, it comes down to how much energy the family has to get through all of it!

The Lazy River at Mandalay Bay

My kids absolutely love lazy rivers. And Mandalay bay has a pretty impressive one along with a wave pool and a few decent water slides. After a few trips back and forth between the slides and the lazy river, we find our selves spending the last rays of light floating down stream. Pretty relaxing!!

For information on the Mandalay beach area, click HERE.

Excalibur Fun Dungeon

My kids always ask to come here. It’s become a tradition for us every time we’re in Vegas together. While it feels like a Chuck E. Cheese in a basement, there is a great mix of arcade games and ticket machines to explore. But the best thing here are the booths where you compete for prizes in games of skill to win prizes. The most memorable win from the last trip were these inflatable green aliens. Groovy!

The adults in this link are having way too much in the Fun Dungeon for kids.

Wet N’ Wild

If you have a day to spend and the weather is warm, consider checking out Wild Rivers which is on the edge of town. This is a super family friendly place and the water slides here are excellent. It really is the perfect place to be for families with kids. Our hands down favorite wasn’t a water slide. You guessed it, it was the lazy river.

For more information on Wet N’ Wild in Las Vegas, click HERE.

3 Things to Do and Places to Visit Around Las Vegas

If Wet N’ Wild on the edge of town still isn’t far away from the Las Vegas Strip for you, then head over to Hoover Dam and prepare to be blown away by the views and the sheer magnitude of Hoover Dam and the surrounding beauty of Lake Meade. You’ll want to set aside a few hours to half a day to come out here to visit.

Hoover Dam (Impressive Feats in Engineering and No Less So Today)

Hoover Dam. Built in 1936 the Dam and the surrounding facilities have received some major updates in recent years. Most notably is the amply parking structure the is literally perched on the side of a sheer canyon wall. The observation deck may not be those who are faint of heart or afraid of heights – it’s pretty high up over the dam! The family had a great time exploring the place and taking pictures around the site.

7 Things You Might Not Know About Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Visitor Center Information

Rent a Boat Lake Meade

The kids and I had a great time taking a boat out and causing around the lake. During the hot summer months, there is no better place to be that out on open waters taking in the big sky and the amazing rock formations.

One of the highlights of the time on the lake was navigating through the canyon to right up to the back side of the dam from which we just visited from the above. Both sides of the view are equally breath-taking.

How To Get There

Boats and various water craft can be rented from the Las Vegas Boat Harbor in Lake Meade.

RV Camping on Lake Meade at Lake Meade RV Village

Camp At Lake Meade. If you happen to own an RV or rent one, Lake Meade is great place to bring it. We spent a 3 nights at the Lake Meade RV Village at Echo Bay away from the strip. Since the water level at Lake Meade has receded quite a bit in recent years, the RV site wasn’t exactly walking distance down to the water. Night time temps are still warm in the summer time. It’s super nice and peaceful out here. Here’s what the RV site looks like with a few pics once we had everything setup. The views from the site were pretty amazing!

How to Get There

Lake Meade RV Village Information

Where To Ride When Visiting Las Vegas: River Mountains Loop Trail (Hiking and Riding Area in Henderson, Nevada)

I was in a pretty adventurous when I first set out to discover this riding route on my own back in 2015. While it was a bit of a drive away from the Strip, it was definitely worth it and did not leave me disappointed.

On my first trip there I parked in Henderson town overlooking the western edge of Lake Meade. However, I would suggest parking down at the bottom of the grade near the entrance to the park on Lake Shore Road. (I prefer to do the climb first at the beginning rather than at the end).

Check out additional Rivers Mountain Loop Trail details HERE.

As you begin the climb up to Henderson, you’ll pass the Visitor Information center which has decent facilities and good information on the area.

Once you start to hit Boulder City, you can cut through on side streets heading west and pick up on the northern part of the River Mountains Loop trail which runs parallel to Highway 93 for roughly all the way past Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino. You really start to get the sense that you are out in the desert on this stretch of open trail.

The western edge of loop through Henderson is where it really gets fun. The trail starts to wind and curve and rise and drop with views of the strip in the distant background. If you get an early start at around 5am to 6am – by the time you hit this section of the loop, you can still see the lights from the strip in the distance. What makes this such a unique place to ride is the scenery. You are out in the middle of the desert, literally, with nothing but open skies above you and vistas as far as the eye can see. This is an excellent place to get you riding miles in with a change of scene from you normal riding routes back home.

For Additional Cycling Related Resources During Your Next Visit To Las Vegas, Stay Tuned…


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