Don’t Let Your Stay In Vegas Ruin Your Cycling Routine (Where to Rent, Shop, and Ride Bikes While in Vegas)

If you are jones-ing to get your riding miles in while in Vegas, this post is for you. With a little bit of advance planning, you’ll be ready to experience riding in a new place that will definitely spice up your riding routine. The desert scape here is amazing no matter where you are from. There is truly a sense of I am in some place very different – almost extraterrestrial when riding through the desert landscape here.

Be warned, that the temperatures here are usually very warm and hot – especially in the summer months. Always plan accordingly and have a backup plan for a family member or friend to come bail you out if needed. And definitely carry lot of hydration. I recommend doing this ride very early in the morning to get the miles in before the heat of the late morning and afternoon.

The Getaway Within the Getaway

As my buddy Johnny and I head out towards Henderson, a building sense of adventure overrides the morning grogginess of a late night and good times from the evening before. Our families are still asleep back at the hotel and now it’s time to play. It’s Johnny’s first ride and his first time riding out here in Vegas. Here is where we stopped the evening before to pick up a few last minute items he needed and to rent a bike and pick up some last minute gear.

Bike Shop in Vegas (Where to Ride and Rent From in Vegas)

For our cycling needs – we headed over to the Las Vegas Cyclery to get a bike rented for Johnny and to pick up extra bottles and cages. The store also rents e-bikes and runs tours for road and mountain bikes. Though for our purposes we needed a road bike to ride the paved loop. This is a large store – definitely one of the larger ones I’ve seen. They are very well stocked here on bikes and accessories, including triathlon and multi-sport gear related items. I picked up a ProCycle seat post mounted bottle holder just to carry the extra hydration we would need for the ride.

The staff was friendly, helpful, and efficient when it came to getting the rental square away. I also spent a few minutes checking out a fat bike that they had on display. It was the first time I’d seen anything like it – the wheels were larger than what is usually seen on a motorcycle! They mainly carry Specialized Road and Mountain bikes at this store.

Las Vegas Riding Events to Consider

The Las Vegas Cyclery also had a well stocked info stand near the entrance highlighting all the cycling events in town. Here are the ones that I came across that I’d like to hopefully participate in someday:

2017 Palm Desert Century (Saturday, November 11, 2017)

2018 Tour de Summerlin (Saturday, April 7th, 2018)

Additional Cycling Locations to Check Out

Red Rock Canyon Scenic Loop. A good place to get some climbing in. It is currently under construction but will make for some excellent riding once the new pavement is dropped!

Bootleg Canyon and Cottonwood Valley. Mountain biking trails and downhill sections.

Ride the River Mountains Loop Trail

This place is amazing. The bike and jogger dedicated bike lane is set far from the road and so you truly feel like you are away from the city. While most sections run parallel to local streets, the southern and south western sides of the loop are set very far away from the road. The trail meanders under bridges and around natural obstacles. Many sections of the trail feel as though you are on an extraterrestrial planet.

There’s a good climbing section baked into this loop as well. The northern end of the loop requires a hefty climb up to Henderson town. At the top you’ll look for and hang a right at the 99 Lumber Mill to catch the eastern side of the loop. You’re basically riding up and around a small mountain range on this route (hence the name of the trail). Oh yeah, and you’ll see some neat sections of railroad track as well!

I recommend parking down at the base of the climb (at the bottom of Boulder City) which is the entrance to the Park just south of the visitor’s center. This way, you can clear the majority of the climbing at the beginning of the ride.

Here are a few aerial shots of the scenery along the River Loop Mountain Trail:

For additional details on this ride, check out the link below!

To Check Out The River Loop Mountains Trail and more ideas for things to do in Vegas for families with kids, check out the post HERE.

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