First Flight – Live Footage from the DJI Spark in Action on the Vegas Strip (and Things You Should Know About Where to Fly Your Drone) – PART 1

First off, yes, drones are only loosely related to cycling equipment. Secondly, you most definitely shouldn’t be flying drones on the Las Vegas strip. Here is a link to the no bueno things that can happen if you are caught flying your drone in a no fly zone or protected air space in and around Vegas. I was careful to keep the drone low and away from people and traffic during this inaugural DJI Spark flight in Vegas.

Let’s take a first look like at the flight footage from the DJI Spark…

DJI Spark – the Best Portable Drone For Capturing All Your Riding Memories

This first flight was taken at night in high winds – probably the two worst environmental factors when trying to get clear, high quality images from a drone. Nevertheless, I was quite impressed with the image capabilities of the Spark. The second part of the vid was taken in fair conditions and no winds. Consequently, the image and video quality from the drone were significantly better.

Here area a few additional images from my second flight with the Spark captured in fair conditions with no winds:


Stay Tuned for Answers to 7 Burning Questions About the DJI Spark to follow soon…

And lastly, a big….

Shout Out to Target and the Target Red Card Program (This is NOT a Sponsored Post)

My DJI Spark adventures would not have been possible were it not for the excellent folks over at my local Target who very kindly and understandingly accepted an in-store exchange on my Parrot Bebop 2 for the brand new DJI Spark (which had yet to be released at the time that I purchased my Bebop 2 much earlier in the year). Based on my experience with this exchange, I can really say that this is a must have card and that Target will bend over backwards for their Red Card holders. Awesome card that gets you 5% off on all your purchases from Target plus this awesome customer service/return/exchange policy!

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