7 Century Rides to Consider to Before the End of the Year

It’s not too late to work in a century if that happens to be one of your riding goals for 2017. Or even if it would be your first, there are still several great rides left  to choose from. Plus, there’s still time to get your training miles in to prepare for one.

Here are a list of century rides to choose from consisting of both rides that I have done before or ones that I would like to do some day.

4th Quarter Century Rides List (2017 Version)

1. Santa Barbara Century

When: October 21, 2017

Where: Santa Barbara, California

Highlight: Ride the section of the famous Gibraltar time trial.

Cost: $140 (includes ride support, start and finish timing, t-shirt, lunch, and beer garden at the finish).

Click HERE for more details.

2. Giro di San Diego

When: October 22, 2017

Where: San Diego, California

Highlight: Climb Palomar Mountain South Grade which can be daunting to go out and ride on your own.

Cost: $125 (includes breakfast, ride support, chip times route, lunch, live band, beer garden, massages, and finisher medal).

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3. Palm Desert Century

When: November 11, 2017

Where: Palm Desert, California

Highlight: This is a great century to consider for your first 100 mile event. The total elevation gain over the duration of the ride is just over 2000 feet.

Cost: $110

Click HERE for more details.

4. West Lake Village Century

When: October 7, 2017

Where: Westlake Village, California

Highlight: Part of the race course cover the actual Tour de Amgen Route – the climb called the “Rockstore.” The event offers lunch and beverages after the ride.


Click HERE for more details.

5. Park to Park Pedeal – Nevada Extreme

When: October 14, 2017

Where: Caliente, Nevada

Highlight: Experience the great views of riding in the desert followed by a Dutch Oven Dinner at the finish.

Cost: $80

Click HERE for more details.

6. Bike the Coast

When: November 4, 2017

Where: Oceanside, California

Highlight: Ride along the iconic southern Californian coast on highway 101. Registration includes a finisher medal to add to your collection!

Cost: $80

Click HERE for more details.

7. Rivers and Lakes Century

When: November 11, 2017

Where: Schuylerville, New York

Highlight: Ride through Saratoga county along rivers to the scene of fall on the east coast. The ride is unsupported but hey, it’s $30!

Cost: $30

Click HERE for more details.

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