Get Rid Of Those Punctured Inner Tubes and Make Something Awesome (Bike Hack For Life #1)

Get Rid Of Those Punctured Inner Tubes and Make Something Awesome (Bike Hack For Life #1)

Get Rid Of Those Punctured Inner Tubes and Make Something Awesome (Bike Hack For Life #1)

I have a cycling problem. It has been created from hundreds and thousands of miles ridden. It has developed and grown over time. And it is really getting out of control. If I don’t cure this problem it’s going to takeover my garage and turn into an even bigger problem.

I have been telling myself to address this problem for months now. But I simply cannot get myself to take the time to resolve it. I keep saying I will some day. But I still have not taken the time to do it. And it grows worse with each passing month.

Well, it’s time to do something about this. It’s time to address this:

The Situation

We change our tubes whenever we get a flat. Once the repaired wheel is back on we discard the tube. We don’t throw it away since they are repairable. But we also don’t take the time to find the invisible whole to fix it. As a result, we grow a collection of rubber that someday we’ll have a tube patching sess or party to fix them all in one go. That day is never coming. The pic above is evidence of that. After all, who wants to spend time looking for bubbles or listening for the sound of escaping wind?


The Solution

Before you read any further, please note that this bike hack will only apply to dog lovers. So if you yourself don’t have a dog but knows someone that does, then read on! This reverse bike hack will clear up the clutter in your garage or storage space and make you and Fido happy campers!

Without further ado, let’s kick off this new series called Bike Hacks for Life with our first awesome hack:

Re-Purpose That Used Inner Tube: Introducing the Continental Dog Leash

I have a big dog. And the Spotted Pointer / Pitbull mix is no doubt the reason for that. Milo is a happy, mischievous, and solidly built dog. And the dude is strong. He was my guinea pig for this first product. So I know it works and it works well. There is bit of elasticity that helps to reel Milo back when he gets too far out in front which happens quite a bit!

This whole thing came about since we only have one dog leash in the house. This leash ends up hidden everywhere! It ends up in the house, the car, the garage, in his kennel, and everywhere in between. I was completely unable to locate the leash the other day and so I improvised and that’s how this awesome hack came about.

It only takes a few seconds to make and all you need is a dog collar with a metal ring and a used 700c inner tube. That’s it. Instant dog leash!

Step 1: Thread the inner tube through the ring on the collar and loop one end of the tube through the other.

Step 2: Pull the threaded end all the way through. Tighten and remove any slack and you are done!

Once attached, it is sturdy and will not come undone. The most efficient application of this is to a dedicated collar that you can take on and off your dog.

The hack is done but now I need your help…

Help Me Clear Out My Collection!

I hope you find this first bike hack for life useful! Oh and one more thing. If you would like to help me clear out my supply, subscribe to the newsletter and email me at Include your name and address in the email and receive a custom dog leash in the mail! (While supplies last)!

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