Tool or Jewel: The Most Expensive Cycling Helmet Money Can Buy (ToJ #4)

Tool or Jewel: The Most Expensive Cycling Helmet Money Can Buy (ToJ #4)

Tool or Jewel #4: The Most Expensive Cycling Helmet Money Can Buy

Today’s most expensive item actually doesn’t seem all that outrageous. In fact when compared to its road rated cousins used for motorcycles, the price for this high-end helmet seems very reasonable in comparison. After all, is there really too high of a price to place on what is arguably one of the most important organs in your body?

My most memorable helmet is my neon orange Rudy Project helmet that somehow ended up being the official color of helmets donned by cancer survivors one year on a fundraising ride that I did a few years back. It was the friendliest and most encouraging ride I ever experienced. All because I accidentally ended up choosing the color orange simply ’cause it looked cool. I had no choice but to go with it. So armed with a Sharpie, I started collecting signatures on it from all my riding friends. The ride by the way is called Pedal the Cause, now “Padres Pedal” for the annual fundraising ride in San Diego. It’s a great ride for a great cause benefiting the major cancer research firms in town.

Overpriced Tool or Invaluable Jewel? The Kask Bambino Pro

You know that some serious design dollars have been invested into a product that simply looks fast when it is simply sitting there at a stand still. The Kask Bambino Pro falls squarely in this category. Plus, it strikes a great balance between form and functionality by not looking overly aero:

It comes integrated with some cool looking fight pilot style visors that are swappable for riding in different lighting conditions.

This helmet looks like a winner and it looks like it could make you one too.

Alternatively, for US$500 You Could Buy…

(2) Rudy Project Helmets. The removable headliners are a nice touch and make for easy cleaning and washing. (Just make sure that the color of your choice has not been designated for something that does not reflect your current situation).

You can also check out this deal on the Kask Protone Helmets which are currently $50 or more below the usual price of $299.

Lastly, a few reminders for taking care of your head gear…

3 Things to Keep Your Helmet Well Maintained

1. Remove and wash the liner as often you do your gloves. It can get pretty gnarly in there! The straps should also be soaked or rinsed with soap and water. Don’t use chemicals or cleaners to was your helmet!

2. Check for cracks and structual issues for helmets 3 years or older that have been used excessively in hot conditions. And of course, never use a dented or cracked helmet.

3. Store your helmet in a cool dry place.

Ride safe and ride on!


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