Island Time: Moorea, Tahiti (Part 2)

Island Time: Moorea, Tahiti (Part 2)

Island Time: Moorea, Tahiti (Part 2)

This week we check out Moorea, Tahiti and spend time at the InterContinental in Moorea!

Upon our arrival and check-in at the InterContinental in Moorea, we were greeted with a chilled bottle of champagne in the Premium Overwater Bungalows:

The over the water bungalow was very cozy. Just the thought of dwelling over the water (without the rocking motions of a boat) was a lot of fun!

The view from the room overlooking the patio pretty much sums it up – total rest and relaxation:

The deck over the water was a great to hang out on and came with its own access ladder to the water:

I decided to take the shortcut:

The water is amazingly clear. We officially kicked off the snorkeling activities here in Moorea. Did I mention how clear the water was?

There are two main animal habits at the Moorea Resort and Spa. One is the Dolphin Basin and the other is the Sea Turtle Clinic. Both are pretty memorable – especially if you’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins!

Getting Our Two Wheeled Fix (Finally!)

The days in the sun were quickly turning us different shades of tan and applying the sun block became a constant activity. It feels like you are in the water just as much as you are on dry land throughout the day.

We rented scooters to explore freely around the island and to go at our own pace – and a few times off the beaten path. The road circling Moorea is 36 miles around so the scooters were perfect for covering these distances.

The whole island has this undeveloped feel to it. It is this amazing place of raw, untamed, naturally beauty that happens to have a road circumventing it. The luscious green foliage covers every inch of the island. Along the way we did some off roading and came across several waterfalls. What would a scooter adventure be without an obligatory search for an elusive, off the grid, waterfall?

I must say we got pretty far up into the hills until we got the scooter stuck and decided it was time to turn around. Here’s a shot from the Belvedere Lookout overlooking the bay:

This route made me wish I had my bike but the scooter was going to have to do. The lookout sits at roughly 1000 feet with the the tallest peak on the island at just under 4000 feet. If you want to get your heart rate up, the only other alternative would be to hike this thing. But in the interest of time, the scooter could not be beat.

We motored on a bit further down the road and came upon a church.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

St. Joseph’s Catholic church almost looked out of place in the middle of the jungle. Were it not for just this one structure, there would literally have been no signs of civilizing. I was kind of starting to crave McDonald’s at this point (or some other form of western fast food), but sadly, there was not one to be found.

Cook’s Bay

Cook’s Bay is one of two symmetrical bays on the island. It forms one of the two bays that give the island it’s trident shape.

The view of the bay followed by the ride westward up the cliffs back to the InterContinental Resort is amazing:

Up Next…

I was going to miss this view that we got to see every night. Here’s the one from the last evening in Moorea:

The next day, it would be time to hop on a prop jet to jump over to the island of Bora Bora…

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