2017 in Review: The Top 3 Ways I Spent My Cycling Dollars in 2017

2017 in Review: The Top 3 Ways I Spent My Cycling Dollars in 2017

2017 in Review: The Top 3 Ways I Spent My Cycling Dollars in 2017

A lot of money in my house went towards fidget spinners in 2017 (slime not so much) thanks to my kids. Gotta love ’em! And now that 2018 has just barely begun, these foam treats and emojis are starting to pop up everywhere! In the car, in the house, and more keep showing up on the door step each day! To offset these questionable purchases, here are the top three ways I spent my cycling dollars in 2017 to recoup some benefit from my kids (who are probably placing orders through mom’s amazon account for more squishies as I write this) that made a big difference in my rides.

#1 – Bicycle Tune Up and Bottom Bracket Overhaul ($158.10)

While I keep my bike clean and perform basic maintenance, cabling and shifting are not things that I can do. Forget about truing wheels. My foray into complex bike repair ends up costing time and money. Think brake bleeding SRAM Guide RSs and attempting to make front derailleur adjustments. Both ended up horribly unsuccessful and resulted in trips to repair shops. By the way, I got the best shop repair service (for my jacked RS brakes) last year up at Mammoth in terms of turn around time and cost – likely due to the heavy volume of bikes from the park.

Awesome Service and Great Results

In comes Anywhere Bicycle Repair who quoted me a fair price and even more outstanding results. My first ride after getting my bike back from the shop was dreamy. I swore the bike was running quieter and smoother than the day that I bought it. The mechanic even took the time to do a thorough write up of the work that was performed:

Your bike is ready to go! The tune up turned out great! The bottom bracket bearings were in need of replacement due to wear and not rolling as smooth. They were pressed in with anti seize instead of grease, we have found that grease is better in these areas to keep things quiet longer. I did also grease the seat post, seat post clamp, derailleur hanger and the meeting point between the rear skewer and the drop out. That seemed to get the small clicks to go away. I also took out a little tension on the rear derailleur to allow it to downshift faster. The wheels were slightly out of true but are straight now. The bike is ready to attack the road once again!

Pretty awesome. As a result, I had blast riding on what felt like a brand new bike at the Old Pros Fourth of July Bike ride in 2017. While I tend to skimp on maintenance dollars (this was the first major tune up service I’d paid for over 4 years), this experience reminded me that I really should to do this morn often (at least once a year).

#2 – I finally made the switch to 25mm tires ($123.04 for 2 pairs)

I don’t know if the science behind a smaller contact patch for the 25mm versus the longer contact patch for 23mm wheels results in a noticeable difference. But I finally made the switch over to wider tires for both my aluminum and carbon wheel sets. Regardless of felt difference (either in reality or all in my mind), one thing hasn’t changed – it’s always so nice to be rolling on a new set of treads.

#3 – Trail Bars for the Road and Trail ($5 to $10 per box)

More than any other type of fuel or hydration mix, I always had trail bars on every ride. I took these things for granted all year long, often times throwing away half eaten bars from the last part of a ride. They also served another purpose in 2017 – as breakfast after all my commuter rides in to work in the morning. My favorites were the Clif Peanut Butter Bars and the Nature Valley Granola Bars. I would feel naked on a long ride unless I had a few of these tucked away in my jersey pockets.

2018 Spending Goals

For 2018, I’m looking to spend bucks on things that will motivate me to log more miles. Right now it is cold and dark out (I live in San Diego, yes, it could be much worse), so I’m thinking about new light set to help guide me home since the sun seems to be calling it quitting time before I do most days, OK, everyday) at 457pm.

Is An E-Bike in the Cards?

Along this line of thinking, I’m toying still with the idea of an e-bike to get the extra gas in the dark on the way home or possibly having to avoid getting cleaned up at work altogether in the mornings. I’ve had my eye on the Stromer bikes for over a year now and still have it on the radar. This might just be the motivation I need to ride more and drive less – even through the dark and cold parts of the day.

New Riding Experiences

Lastly, I hope to spend my cycling dollar on riding experiences. Specifically, on family rides for good causes like the Los Angeles Landmark Ride or Padres Pedal. Additionally, I’d like to have a a few more days at the mountain bike park at Bear or Mammoth which I didn’t get to do much of in 2017.

How About You?

Where were your best spent cycling dollars in 2017 and what are your spendy goals for 2018? Subscribe, like, and comment below.

Best wishes and safe and happy riding in 2018!

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