Trail Dog in Training – First Bike Ride With Milo

Trail Dog in Training – First Bike Ride With Milo

Meet Milo

Milo was born in April of 2016 and is a spotted pointer and pit bull mix. Some say that the pointer is one of the best breeds for the makings of a trail dog.

First Encounter

The first time I met Milo, I told the kids to get back – Milo looked like a pretty intimidating dog, no doubt due to the pit in him. The poor guy was a on his third home (us) in just over one year of his puppy life. My niece in-law who was in college at the time could no longer keep him cooped up all day in the dorm with her three roommates. It was time to find him a new home and we were up.

Doggy Life

Over the course of the next few weeks – we acclimated to life with Milo – our kids have been hounding us for a dog for years now (pun intended). Day by day, Milo grew on us. His laid back demeanor and playfulness are some of his best traits. His training early on definitely played a big role in how well he adapted to the trail. The first outings were on foot, and just recently trailing behind us on our bikes.

We had a a few down moments that almost made me part ways him as well. His worse habit is chewing things up (not shoes but rather lawn furniture like cushions and teak)! He’s not doing as much of that now these days. He has gotten better recently. We haven’t had as many days where he hangs his head down and crawls into his kennel (aka “home) with his tail between his legs. He’s been doing much better!

It Started With A Hike

It started with a hike in the winter of 2017. By using doggy treats and eventually just pellets from his daily food, I’m able to control and guide him on extended hikes. He is off leash for the entire hike in areas where this is permitted. Over the course of several hikes, Milo has developed a sense of acceptable distance to trail behind or trot along ahead. He’s always had a strong sense of space and knowing where he can and cannot go.

We also made certain that we did not exert him prior to him reaching one years old.  This was to prevent injuries to his bones and joints that were still forming. One of the things I learned along the way is that dogs can actually be crated for extended periods of time!

Our favorite local places to hime have been Iron Mountain off of the 67 highway, Blue Sky Reserve off of Espola Road, and most recently Penasquitos Canyon which runs parallel and is south of the 56 highway in San Diego.

Then a Bike

After a succession of successful hikes, we took him out for his first trail run (with us on bikes) on the last day of the year of 2017.

Here is the video of Milo’s first run at PQ Canyon (Penasquitos Canyon) here in San Diego. PQ Canyon has a trail that runs east and west for roughly 10 miles from end to end. This trail also features a waterfall which is within hiking distance from the inland trailheads. It was a pretty great success and I’m looking forward to more bike outings without this guy in 2018!

Milo’s first run on December 31, 2017:


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