2017 in Review: My Favorite (Somewhat) Cycling Related Thing From 2017

2017 in Review: My Favorite (Somewhat) Cycling Related Thing From 2017

The DJI Spark: Update After 4 Months of Use

I’m still getting questions and lots of interest in regards to my DJI Spark. It’s the one thing that I enjoyed using this most from 2017, aside from my bikes of course. A few months have passed since my first test flights in Vegas and my post on the initial thoughts about the DJI Spark.

Since then, I’ve had a chance to take advantage of the awesome video quality that the small but powerful DJI Spark puts out in 1080p. In case you missed it. Here is a video about my faithful trail dog Milo which showcases aerial scenes over a waterfall shot using the Spark.

After 4 months of solid use, here’s an update on what makes this little drone so great.

It’s Small

I cannot imagine owning any drone simply due to the DJI Spark’s compact size. Solid UI, high quality build of the drone, excellent picture quality and stability, and excellent editor and creator feature aside, the thing that makes this drone so valuable and accessible is its super small form factor.

Did I Mention It’s Small?

Did I mention that it is small? It’s stealthy which makes it super portable. It fits in my wife’s purse it is so compact. It’s so compact that most people don’t even notice it when it is in flight (aside from the fact that it emits a hum that sounds like an angry swarm of bees). I simply cannot imagine owning a drone larger than this like the Mavic Pro (also excellent). The single greatest thing about this drone to me is that it is discrete. As a result, I tend to use it more often than I would compared to something with a larger footprint. Instead of worrying about whether to lug it around, I instead focus on whether or not there might be something noteworthy to record using the Spark. It’s portability cannot be overstated.

I still do not own the DJI Spark Controller which only comes included with the “Fly More Combo” which I did not opt for. This is still on my wish list but for now, the phone has been more than sufficient giving me up to 150 feet or range. Subjects become to small anyway IMO beyond 80 feet or so anyway.

It Always Finds Its Way Home

I’ve definitely gotten disconnected a few times. That’s 400 bucks in the wild. Still, not nearly, as many stressful moments as I had with the Parrot Bebop 2. The UI and the over stability of the return to home feature (RTH) is as good as it gets. That plus the fact that the Spark will reconnect itself almost every time once it is back within range.

I’m pretty sure I lost a few months off my life every time the Parrot Bebop 2 disconnected. One time, I ended up tossing everything out of my pockets as I dove into the pool to catch the Bebop. I wasn’t sure if it would land in water. Key tip: Do not set a home point next to a body of water. Not so with Spark. After a few seconds of being disconnected, it hovers, elevates and flies precisely back to the point of takeoff.

Cycling Transport

Lastly, I mentioned the need to find a transport solution for cycling with drone. It still needs to be carried in the case which increases the footprint greatly. I found my Whistler Gran Fondo lightweight kit bag which does the job perfectly. It was a handout as part of registration and is made out of cycling jersey material so that it is thin yet durable. I use that as the carrier which has been perfect. One thing to note is that post flight – placing the Spark back into the carrying case ends up trapping a lot of heat in the case which could impact long-term battery life. Just something to note.

The Single Best Feature of the DJI Spark…

This may just be the single best feature of the DJI Spark:

What do you think?

What is your favorite feature on the DJI Spark? Comment below!

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